The largest economic platform in southern Romania

It will be developed in Cosoveni commune, Dolj county
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Economic development

The initiative aims at the economic development of Craiova and Dolj County by attracting investors who will be able to benefit from all the facilities to create jobs

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The new park is ten kilometers from the entrance to the city, which for investors and the workforce is a more than attractive offer

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Benefits for residents

Residents will benefit from utilities brought to the factory gate, but also from all the support that the two authorities, Dolj County Council and Craiova City Hall, will be able to offer.

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Request from economic agents

19 economic agents who submitted applications to us to benefit from a place in this industrial park and



The largest economic platform in southern Romania
DECISION on the establishment of the company OLTENIA BUSINESS PARK

Dolj County Council, meeting in ordinary session, considering the approval report of the Directorate of Image, Coordination of Subordinate Institutions and Public Relations, Bureau of Coordination, Monitoring of Subordinate Institutions no. 23037/25.10.2023, report of the Legal Service no. 23084/ 25.10.2023, as well as the opinion of the specialized commissions, DECISIONS - Art. 1 – (1) The establishment of the company OLTENIA BUSINESS PARK SRL, a legal person under private law, with the sole associate Dolj County Administrative - Territorial Unit through the Dolj County Council, this being a public enterprise, within the meaning of the law. DOLJ COUNTY COUNCIL (2) The purpose of this company is to carry out the work of public utility of county interest, Industrial Park no. 3", respectively to acquire and hold the industrial park title, issued according to the legal provisions, to manage and administer, in accordance with them, the industrial park.

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